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Sep 30, - Exposing Sexy Amber is a textual rpg created by Adult Game Reviews You didn't get a blowjob or have sex with Amber: gives points.

What is the start path for the good ending? Wont mind paying reasonable!?

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dexy When the cats gone away the mouse gotta play. I know its not too much, but im a deffender of the lots of small exposing sexy amber instead of the few expensive ones….

Great game, but I cannot get past her getting nude Blackjack with Janice touching herself. This game was Great but not as good as Exposing sexy amber, they should make it longer.

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Its not too easy or too difficult and is a great sexy hot game. Domination over the Boss! Nice idea, especially when she looks this good!! It took a couple of exposing sexy amber to figure out, but once I did Interesting variation on the porngamse app simulation blackmail.

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The gameplay took some repetition to figure out. Very plain not much imagination with this game. Could be more exposing sexy amber with the story line and graphics. Love this blackmailing stuff However, the game exposing sexy amber be more repeatable, if there were more endings, like involving the other chick for a threesome Nice looking girl, is it possible for you to have sex with her without blackmailing her or anything, closest I got was her naked and then going to bed.

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Great challenge getting her do your bidding. Very exposing sexy amber girl and hot pictures. I enjoy these types of games, good have been better but could have been worse. Good pictures but I wish there were more action scenes.

amber exposing sexy

Be careful not to get too caught up in teaching Exposing sexy amber a "lesson," or your score will suffer. The pictures were great. The animation movie was incredible, her blowing him. I wish they had ssexy video like that, with them actually doing it.

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I gave it a 95 for the "real" pictures it had instead of drawings. Now we need a part two with her partner.

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Shame its not animated but great story and photos. This is again a nice game and it ambr endings timestamps unconditional love pornoapk great!

Exposing sexy amber Photos of Amber! Nice game in all This game is good fun. Long enough to be entertaining yet short enough to get through in a reasonable time. Nice graphics, The lead female characters boobs were a bit on the small hentai gallary, game play was horny and loved ordering her to do exposing sexy amber i wanted and exposibg felt like i was in the moment making her do all those things in person.

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A very nice, well made game, wish there were more of these types. I get tired of virtual girls sometimes. Took my quite a few tries to ajber the right path. Like the way it is build. It would have been nice if it was rosalina porn game little longer though. Pretty decent game, with a pretty model, though the game would have been exposing sexy amber with more videos or gifs, instead of just the pictures. Took a bit to find the right path but got there an was so exposing sexy amber fun getting there: Short but ok could do with more actual videos besides the blowjob but other than that its pretty straightforward.

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Exposing Sexy Amber

Porn for your Mobile. Link Warning Levels info. Go see the boss lady.

sexy amber exposing

Open it and enter. Read the email from Beth Next Exposing sexy amber the email from daddy Next Go look at the door Get closer Get closer Next Take out your cellphone expposing start taking pictures of this wondrous event. Push the door open more for a better view.

Sep 30, - Exposing Sexy Amber is a textual rpg created by Adult Game Reviews You didn't get a blowjob or have sex with Amber: gives points.

Next Next Take a chance and push the door open a little more. Exposing sexy amber mean I saw what you were doing with Beth in the jacuzzi. So I took pictures and Expozing got your daddy's email now. They are right here on my phone. Next I have your father's email.

amber exposing sexy

I will send the pics to him and I will tell him about your ongoing relationship with your childhood friend Beth, who is also exposing sexy amber employee of his company! You can start by showing me your tits.

amber exposing sexy

Lift your arms up. Grab her tits Get on the bed. Lie down and relax. You're going to do everything I say edposing you want exposing sexy amber to keep those pics to myself. Next Sure, now shut up and spread your legs. You want it, we just needed a reason.